Warning: This section covers how the Drood family started as well as who the traitor within the drood family really is and will spoil part of the series. Skip if you do not wish to read this!

The Drood family started out as druids long before modern civilization started. When an other dimensional entity known as the heart crashed into earth's surface running from other enities, the first Drood went to it. This drood was the original traitor. The traitor (named Andrew when Eddie confronts him for the first time) made a deal for the armor that the droods were so famous for, along with immortality for himself. He then convinced the Immortal's first leader to make a deal for immortality. Andrew made the droods to be barbaric leaders of the world, keeping everything for themselves. After him and the rest of his family kept having disagreements on what the Droods should be, they kicked out Andrew and made him the first rogue. After that Andrew went to the Immortals and stayed with them. A long while later, Andrew killed a non-popular Drood and assumed his identity by shape shifting (which he learned from the Immortals.)

Position during "The Man With The Golden TorcEdit

Warning: This article provides information that will spoil part of The Man With The Golden Torc.

During The Man With The Golden torc, the Drood family ruled the world with an iron fist. The Droods had their family in every major faction and government there was. This all changed when Eddie Drood was declared Rogue.

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